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230 lbs 5'10"

Now maintaining 155-165 lbs

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and much happier!

My Story

I’ve been trying all the “right” things for optimal health since 2013. I’ve been everywhere from the classic body builder diet, keto diet, paleo diet, organic eating, gluten free, low calorie, low carb etc.

I even tried the method of 'less calories in, more calories out'. Which honestly, did help me drop weight but man I felt like s@#$! And of course, as everyone said would happen, I rebounded and gained the weight back.

Eventually though, I did lose 80 pounds. But I still felt bloated all the time, TIRED from the moment I woke up, extremely low energy, defeated, depressed, and did I mention tired?? But at least I was thin right? Ugh. 

I really thought if I had less weight on me that I'd just magically feel amazing, light, and full of energy, HA!

So I did more reading and research and came across an elimination diet. Eliminate all common irritating foods for 3 weeks and slowly introduce certain foods back in. This will allow the lining of your gut to heal and repair itself, then you can discover foods that have been causing irritation (like tiredness, bloating, depressive moods).

Sounded good to me, 3 weeks is hardly a drop in the bucket when you look at your life span. So I went all in and did not cheat once. By day 5 I was feeling some benefits. I actually ate breakfast and didn't get bloated, amazing! About halfway through, I started waking up WITH ENERGY; I can recall vacuuming my house at 7:30am on multiple occasions. 

Towards the end I started noticing the mood improvements. Side note - do you ever feel a dark cloud just looming over you? Or darkness in your head/thoughts? Always feeling negative? That was definitely me. And that is what lifted while going through the elimination diet. The gut-brain connection is fascinating, you really can control your mood through food. 


Anyhow, I get to the end of my 3 weeks, feeling good, I'm eating good food, I have high energy, a positive attitude, I'm sleeping like a baby...but I'm supposed to reintroduce irritating food? This scared me a little. I felt so good, why screw it up?


But, I do have 15 chickens, and the eggs were piling up, so I started with eggs (which were most likely the cause of my morning bloated-ness). I started with just one for a few days, then two. No bloating. Why? My gut was able to get the rest and repair it needed to process the food.

Now, there are foods I cannot and will not eat again. Nightshades - tomatoes, peppers, white potato, nope. I get headaches from all of those, even after the diet. I can tolerate good quality cheeses but any other dairy product, no thanks, headaches with those too.

I can also eat wheat again without my stomach wanting to explode. Although I often choose not to because I do feel my best eating lower carbohydrates on most days. 

You might find that you could tolerate certain foods before, but after cleaning up your gut and reintroducing them, you'll discover they were actually part of the problem. 

So what am I doing now? I simply eat intuitively. I feed my body what it wants, I don't count calories, I don't weigh my food, I simply avoid foods that I know irritate my stomach or head. I have energy, I workout, I garden, I learn, I create, I am running at MY optimal level. Because when I FEEL good through food, I am able to achieve what I set out to do. 

I am living in alignment with who I want to be, and how I want to feel.


I can help you too live and eat in alignment with who you want to become and how you want to feel.


We will dive into all aspects of life in order to achieve your optimal balance; career, relationships, home environment, physical activity, and more.