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Live & Eat in Alignment

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Holistic Health Coach

Learn to eat in a way that supports who you want to become.

What do your food choices say about you? Are you feeding your body what it truly desires? Are you giving it the nutrients it needs for optimal energy and longevity? If not, no worries! I didn't either for the first 22 years of my life, and I can tell you, it's never too late to make a change.

Hi! I'm Kayla, and I will help guide you on how to eat in alignment for how you WANT to feel.

Read what clients have experienced.

Increased energy throughout the day.

An increase in stamina during workouts.

Having the energy to workout.

More meaningful relationships with loved ones.

Decrease or elimination of headaches.

Improved length and quality of sleep.

Decreased or elimination of sugar cravings.

Decreased mood swings.

Eating less and feeling completely satisfied.

Increased ability to handle stress.

An increase in overall joy and happiness with life.

...and of course, weight loss.


Why holistic health coaching is more than just about losing weight.

After reading the results above, can you see how all of these outcomes might tie in to weight loss? We first want to look at life as a whole, what is and is not working for you. You may find it difficult to lose weight when you're overloaded with stress at home or work, then can't fall asleep with your busy mind, followed by waking up and drinking three cups of coffee just to keep your eyes open.

Weight loss happens best when you're operating in a state of alignment. Of course we will discuss you food intake, cravings, hidden ingredients etc. And you may even be in the place right now to take on a new way of eating, you just need accountability and a nudge in the right direction! 


Either way, weight loss will happen, if that's your goal and you are committed, but you may also end up completely transforming your life for the better, oops :)

Are you ready to see what holistic health coaching can do for you?

If you are motivated and ready to make a lasting change, let's chat.